Corporate Team Building Events

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary - We have it.  Our Corporate Team Building Sailing events are perfect for private corporate entertaining, team building, or team racing events.  No matter if your group is large or small, team sailing building relationships, shows leadership skills, encourages team work, fosters communication, boots problem solving skills, and emboldens team competition.   

We have years of experience and can work to coordinated this event to meet your company team building goals.  Saint Augustine is an ideal place to hold your event since we are able to sail all year around.  Our winters average around the 60's and often into the low 70's. In addition to the optimal weather, we have immediate access to both the Intracoastal waterway (ICW) and quick access to the sailing offshore.  Allowing your team building event participants (crew) to experience coastal conditions such as tidal currents in inlets and rivers, using channel markers and buoys, wind and current situations.  As a team, the crew will face many challenges related to race, strategy and execution.  Our instructors will work closely with novice and experienced sailors to get them involved. 

Each team member will rotate through the crew positions of helmsman, mainsail trimmer, jib sail trimmers and tactician.  The competitive situation and inter dependence between team members performing unfamiliar tasks quickly cause the personal traits of each member to emerge.  Team culture evolves and performance improves as the crew learns to better communicate and coordinate efforts.  Crew members come to know much about themselves, and how their actions (or in actions) effect other on the team.  So regardless of the outcome, everyone has a great time.  

Is your team smaller than 6?  If so, we have team building events ideal for small groups.  The instructor will begin with some basic ideas and terms that the crew need to know to sail the boat.  Over the course of the event, each crew member will cycle through the various crew positions on the boat, learning each one. Each crew member will have a chance to act as the helms-person, giving commands and solving problems as they act as a term to put the boat through several maneuvers.  

No other team building venue offers the sense of challenge and immediate awareness of cause and effect like yacht racing.  This wonderful, high impact event will be talked about at your company for years to come.